Summer Interns at Tabley Partners

Aaron Chesworth & Daniel Baldwin joined Tabley as Summer Interns. They spent the summer with us and were engaged on a project to gain an appreciation of the approaches and insight of some of the challenges faced with data preparation and transformation prior to data modelling used for business improvement projects.

Aaron is studying for his Masters in Mathematics at the University of Leeds. He has just finished his second year of studying obtaining a First Class grade. He is interested in a lot of pure mathematics, such as groups and vector spaces; rings, fields and polynomials; number theory as well as all modules such as quantum mechanics and relativity.

Daniel is also studying for his Masters in Mathematics at the University of Leeds. He too has just finished his second year obtaining a First Class grade (85.4% average). His interests encompass a lot of applied and pure mathematics, such as differential equations and transforms, particularly partial differential equations and Fourier analysis; quantum mechanics; fluid dynamics; relativity as well as modules such as analysis and computational mathematics.

They both completed their summer internship at Tabley Partners to acquire some summer work experience and an understanding as to how data analytics and decision optimisation are applied within the industry. We wish them both the very best in their 3rd year of studies at the University of Leeds and look forward to working with Aaron & Daniel next year should the opportunity present itself.

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